Babruisk: Taisiya Kabanchuk’s case returned to police for correction

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Taisiya Kabanchuk, Chairperson of the Babruisk branch of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party, was detained at the railway station of Babruisk on 25 March. She was heading for Minsk. The police charged her with resistance during the detention.

The trial of the woman has been postponed two times already. ‘I received a paper from Judge Natallia Charapukha stating that my case was returned to the police for correction. The policemen made too many mistakes while composing the violation report – even my name is written in a wrong way. I think that the judge protracts the case as she doesn’t want to take the responsibility. Most probably, there won’t be any trial, as such publicity is undesirable for the authorities,’ commented Taisiya Kabanchuk.

The woman, in her turn, also addressed the Babruisk town procuracy with a complaint against actions of the police officers. The complaint was forwarded to the Mahiliou procuracy that is allegedly responsible for the transport police department.