Polatsk district: little information at official websites

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Ten days have passed since the registration of candidates for the local Councils of Deputies. However, the lists of the registered candidates still haven't been uploaded to the majority of websites of the local executive committees.

Complete information about the registered candidates is available at the websites of the Hlybokaye district executive committee, the Navapolatsk town executive committee, the Polatsk town and the Polatsk district executive committees and the Ushachy district executive committee. The district executive committees in Rasony, Pastavy, Sharkaushchyna, Verkhniadzvinsk and Miyory feature only the rulings about determining the places for agitation and a number of official documents such as the presidential ruling about the appointment of the elections. The information about the members of the appropriate election commissions and the lists of election precincts are absent at some of these resources.

The information of the website of the Navapolatsk town executive committee is the most exhaustive: one can find there all official information about the commissions and precincts and the lists of candidates including their personal information.

Navapolatsk is also distinguished by the number of candidates: only 4 out of 34 constituencies are non-alternative. Three candidates are running at the 2 town constituencies and 2 out of 5 regional constituencies.

In Polatsk, alternative elections will take place in just 8 out of 32 constituencies, in Hlybokaye – at 3 out of 38. Non-alternative elections will take place in all constituencies in Ushachy ad the Polatsk district.

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