Salihorsk dwellers demand a wider coverage of election campaign

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Ten dwellers of Salihork addressed the administration of the local TV channel with a written demand to cover the election campaign at a wider scope. The signers of the address are of the opinion that more attention can be paid to the personalities of the candidates and their election programs taking into account that there are only several constituencies where the elections will be alternative.

’There are only three constituencies in the Salihorsk district where more than one candidate runs. We believe that the Salihorsk district election commission can address the candidates with the proposal to hold TV debates and provide the air time for it. The political tradition, competition and the possibility of real choice are more important than congratulation music videos. We pay the taxes at which the TV channel exists. That’s why we demand that our interests be taken into account,’ reads the address.

Hleb Snorkin, one of the signers, doesn’t have much hope that more air time will be issued for TV coverage of the elections, but is convinced in the necessity of such addresses:

’Nothing changes at once. We need to apply, apply and apply again. Only actions can give results. We can’t change anything if we sit at home and stick labels on everything. May be it won’t happen right now, but the political tradition will be formed and the local elections will receive a proper coverage at the local media,’ he said.

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