Central election commission recommends Salihorsk district executive committee to review its decision

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Activists of Aliaksei Valabuyeu’s electoral headquarters have received an answer from the Central Election Commission, in which it is stated that the Salihorsk district executive committee was recommended to review its decision on determination of the places for agitation meetings of candidates for deputies.

On 10 March, the officials determined just two places for such meetings, the Budaunik stadium and the Palace of Culture that is situated nearby, though Salihorsk has about 100,000 habitants.

At the same time, officers of the Salihorsk DEC weren’t able to comment on the CEC recommendation and tell the date of the appropriate sitting. Leanid Markhotka, a local human rights defender, believes that the adoption of the decision is protracted on purpose and such actions must be considered as creation of obstacles to the agitation campaign that continues for the second week already. Even if the sitting is held this week, the decision will be published (and, appropriately, will enter in force) not earlier than 7 April.

By the way, Leanid Markhotka also appealed against the actions of the Salihorsk DEC, but hasn’t received any answer yet.

’It would be quite convenient to hold electoral pickets near multistoried buildings. However, as there are only two official places for canvassing, one has to file an application for picketing and wait for 15 days to receive an answer to the application. In the case of refusal there will be no pickets during this election campaign,’ stated Valabuyeu’s proxy Ivan Shyla.

Nevertheless, activists of Valabuyeu’s electoral headquarters have filed several applications for holding of electoral meetings on the territory of his election constituency. They say it will be a test for the local authorities.

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