Navapolatsk town Council of Deputies is popular with candidates

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

65 candidates will compete for the 34 deputy seats at the town council, which means that the elections will be alternative in almost all of the appropriate constituencies (only four of them have just one registered candidate).

All candidates don't belong to any officially registered parties and are equal in this respect. However, there is a strange moment: one of the two competing candidates is usually a state official and the other is not. In particular, Valer Rabets, manager of the large state enterprise Navapolatskzhalezabeton (Navapolatsk Ferroconcrete) competes with Iryna Tsiukala, teacher of the first grades at secondary school #2 at election constituency #3; Yauhen Haravets, Chairperson of the Navapolatsk branch of the BPS-Bank – with Ala Baravets, kindergartener of nursery #34, at election constituency #28; Aliaksandr Horski, Chairperson of the Vitsebsk regional Council of the Belarusian trade union of workers of chemical, mining and oil industries – with Zhana Pazharytskaya, saleswoman at Navapolatsk food store #7, at election constituency #8.

Such situation is observed in practically all election constituencies: heads, managers and state officials are opposed by teachers, kindergarteners, shop assistants and electricians, which makes us suggest that this situation is created artificially.

Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections