Non-alternative elections to take place in 24 out of 60 constituencies for elections to the Homel regional Council of Deputies

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

60 constituencies were established in the Homel region for the elections to the regional Council of Deputies. The elections will be non-alternative in 24 of them. The regional coalition of the United Democratic Forces hasn’t taken a decision on withdrawal from the elections so far. If such decision is taken, the number of non-alternative constituencies can considerably increase.

20 of the candidates running for the Homel regional council of the 26th Convocation are members of the council of the 25th Convocation. Among them, there is Valer Sialitski, Chairperson of the regional Council of Deputies; Mikalai Vasilkou, Chairperson of the health care bureau; and four his subordinates: Aleh Yadrentsau, medical director of the Homel city hospital #1; Hanna Lapatsina, medical director of the regional cardiologic dispensary; Anatol Kasim, medical director of Homel regional clinical hospital; and Viktar Mardvinau, medical director of the Zhlobin district hospital. Some more medical workers are running for the Council of Deputies for the first time: Aleh Ivantsou, medical director of the veterans' hospital and Mikalai Kishko, medical director of the emergency hospital. Thus, medics will have a considerable representation at the regional Council of Deputies.

Among the deputies of the 25th Convocation who are running again, there are also Maryna Bondar, Chairperson of the education bureau of the Homel regional executive committee; Ivan Haryst, editor of the Kalinkavitskiya Naviny newspaper; Dzmitry Vysotski, chairperson of a branch of Belahraprambank, Yury Parfenenkau, Chairperson of a bureau of the Ministry of Emergency Situations; Valiantsin Valetau, recto of Mazyr Pedagogical University; Andrei Makushynski, director of the closed stock company Mazyrles (Mazyr Forest); Natallia Verameyeva, Director General of Homelhlebpram (Homel bread industry); Yury Korzh, Chairperson of the bureau of public amenities of the Homel region; Uladzimir Nadtachayeu, Deputy Chairperson of the Homel regional executive committee; and Vasil Kastsiukevich, Director General of the Svetlahorsk Khimvalakno (Man-made Fiber).

Mikhail Prus, prosecutor of the Savetski district of Homel, intends to represent the law-enforcement agencies at the regional Council of Deputies.

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