Homel: rotation in regional Council of Deputies

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Deputies of Homel regional Council of Deputies of the 25th Convocation are running for the 26th Convocation, but at different constituencies. Though seven days have passed after the registration of the candidates, their lists haven’t been published in the state-owned press websites. The general picture can be retrieved only from information received from regions.

Why are the deputies running on different constituencies? Maybe, they didn’t show their positive qualities during the previous elections. For instance, dwellers of the village of Muliarauka in Petrykau district demonstrated a negative attitude to their deputies at the regional council. The district newspaper Petrykauskiya Naviny wrote that at the meeting of the village dwellers with the district authorities the villagers stated that ‘the deputies of the village, the district and the regional councils didn’t demonstrate enough activity in solving the problems that were important for the electors.’ There were also pretensions to deputies Drapeza and Zubrei: why did they seldom meet with dwellers of Muliarauka? The villagers wanted to tell them about such daily issues as the organization of the local trade, the bus traffic and the medical assistance. That’s why these deputies changed the constituencies.

Yury Korzh, Chairperson of the bureau of public amenities of Homel region, ran for Homel regional Council of Deputies at Vasilevitskaya election constituency during the previous elections, whereas now he is running at Petrykauskaya constituency #48. His rival is Viktar Shpak, a member of the Belarusian Party of Leftists Fair World. Natallia Verameyeva, Director General of Homelhlebpram (Homel Bread Industry). Earlier she ran at Haharynskaya constituency in Homel, whereas now – at Katrychnitskaya constituency #47. Sviatlana Mikhalchanka, another member of Fair World, is running at the same constituency with her.

Tamara Sushkina, head of the financial bureau of Homel regional executive committee (REC), is running for the first time. According to the official information, she lives in the town of Loyeu, but is running for a village Council of Deputies at Lelchytskaya election constituency #39 (she is the only candidate at this constituency).

Mikalai Vasilkou, Chairperson of the health care department of Homel REC, is running at Roshchynskaya election constituency #5, whereas the previous time he ran at Mazurauskaya election constituency #17. Anatol Kasim, chief doctor of Homel oblast hospital, is running for Homel regional Council of Deputies at Buda-Kashaliova election constituency #1, whereas during the previous elections he ran at Valhahradskaya constituency in Homel.

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