Franak Vyachorka prohibited to carry out election campaign

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The political soldier Franak Vyachorka, who serves in Mozyr, was registered as a candidate for deputy of Mozyr district council on March 24.

As "Human rights activists for free elections" inform, now he is waiting for a verdict of the Central military and medical comission concerning his possible early discharge from military service on medical grounds.

Right after the registration Franak Vyachorka addressed the commanding officers of the battalion a request to give him a one-month leave for campaigning. The right for such a leave he has under the law. However Mozyr military men reported to the command of the brigade in Baranavichy, an dthe term of answer to the report is unknown.

That is why the political soldeir wrote several requests to the commander of the battalion about one-day leaves to the city on March 25, 26, 27 and 28 with the aim to start the election campaign: to visit the territorial election commission, to prepare and place in the printing house printed materials, to make agreements about premises for meetings with voters.

First officers said to Vyachorka that as long as he is in a sanitary unit, he does not have a right for leaves. The young activist underlined that he didn't have a status of a patient, he was not undergoing treatment, and the previous permission for leave on March 27 was issued under a condition he would be accompanied by an officer.

However in the last minute the acting commander of the battalion major Kapylovich prohibited the soldier to take leave, without explaining reasons and without giving a pssobility to ask questions.

Members of the initiative group and agents of the candidate for deputy Franak Vyachorka view the nehaviour of major Kapylovich as a deliberate violation of the legal right ofthe young activist to carry out the election campaign and creating artificial obstacles for his contender, a former representative of the local administration, and at the moment a director of a skiing resort. And the fact that Mozyr command forwarded his request for one month leave to Baranavichy looks like a deliberate gragging-out.