Minsk Court rules against BPF

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Minsk Partyzanski Court turned down a proposal by the Belarusian Popular Front inquiring about the possibility of inclusion of a number of the party members on the city’s election commissions, arguing the commissions were not fully staffed.

‘During the court hearing, a number of violations of the Electoral Code were revealed, including those committed during the formation of the divisional election commissions. However, the court avoided considering the issue, since it was not the subject of the claim. Unfortunately, the judiciary acts in favour of the pro-government agents, instead of abiding by the law. Even if there is a good law, it is smashed against the practice of its application and the existing system of covering each other’s backs. Nonetheless, we are ready to provide all the necessary legal and methodological support to our members, who were elected on the commissions,,’ said Vadzim Kanapatski, deputy head of the BPF Minsk city office.


‘Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections’