Policemen confiscate 50 thousand issues of independent newspaper in Vitsebsk

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Employees of Vitsebsk District Executive Committee have confiscated 50 thousand issues of the “Our Home” newspaper printed by a civil initiative of the same name. Activists of the initiative Volha Karach and Victar Ramnyou were trying to bring the unregistered edition from Smolensk

A protocol for a wrong imprint has been conducted against the activist alongside with a protocol of confiscation. Volha Karach has informed ERB that policemen acted according to the order of the deputy head of Vitsebsk Region Executive Committee Uladzimir Papko.

Volha Karach: “Driving inspectors stopped us at first: they said our car had wrong number plates and was being searched for. They started examining it. Then they found the newspaper. They arrested the car, started a criminal case and delivered us to the District Department of The Interior. They forgot about the car there, they did not even recall that somebody was looking for it – and the number plates turned out to be legit. They started examining the newspapers”.

The head of the initiative “Our Home” Volha Karach recalls that policemen did similar things four years ago. Policemen confiscated leaflets dedicated to March 2006 events from activists at that time.