Nomination of candidates: information from the regions

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Homel region



In the region, according to official data, applications were filed by over 4,1 thousand persons – for 3,952 seats in the councils of various levels. The 60 seats in the Regional Council are claimed by 126 people. Party members make up about 3,5% of all the candidates (148 people), including 47 – the party ‘Just World’, 51 – the UCP, 3 – the BNF. The pro-government CPB party and the Republican Party of Labor and Justice have nominated 41 and 6 persons respectively.


Svetlahorsk district


12 candidates for deputies of local councils in Svetlahorsk district are members of various democratic parties. All of them are going to run on the various constituencies for the District Council, and five of them - and for Homel Regional Council. Such data are reported by Sviatlana Mikhalchanka, head of Svetlogorsk district office of the Party ‘Just World’.


Of these candidates 9 represent the ‘Just World’ Party. The nominees for the District Council are: Mikalai Lazarenka (Pushkin constituency number 6), Iryna Sarychava (Maladziozhnaya constituency number 12), Siarhei Daineka (Satsyialistychnaya constituency number 13), Henadz Zhuleha (Zakhodniaya constituency number 16), Tatsiana Yurkevich (Rachnaya constituency number 17), Valiantsina Konanava (Dniaprouskaya constituency number 18), Marat Petukh (Spartyunaya constituency number 23), Uladzimir Korshun (Lunacharsky constituency number 27), Sviatlana Mikhalchanka (Suvorov constituency number 29). The candidates for the Regional Council are Mrs. Mikhalchanka (Kastrychnitskaya constituency number 47), Mr. Daineka (Biarezinskaya constituency number 55) and Mr. Petukh (Maladziozhnaya constituency number 57). All of them were nominated as a candidate by their parties’ local offices. The above-mentioned constituencies are located in Svetlahorsk, with the exception of Kastrychnitskaya constituency - it is in neighboring Kastrychnitski district.


The BPF nominated two members for the District Council: Viktar Akhramchuk (Biarezinskaya constituency number 15) and Siarhei Shavialenka (Sverdlov constituency number 24). Both of them are in Svetlahorsk. In addition, Mr. Akhramchuk will run for the Regional Council in Svetlahorsk rural constituency number 58. They candidates for the District Council were nominated through collection of signatures, while Mr. Akhramchuk, running for the Regional Council, was nominated by Homel regional office of the BPF.


Tatsiana Naskova, member of the United Civil Party, was nominated for the District Council (Skaryna constituency number 21) by collecting signatures, she will also run for the Regional Council (Pershamaiskaya constituency number 56) as representative of Homel regional office of the party.


Mrs. Mikhalchanka explained that the required number of signatures had been gathered by all the members of democratic parties that were nominated in this way. The applications for registration of candidates were submitted to the relevant election commissions.

Mrs. Mikhalchanka also noted that only two representatives of democratic parties out of 31 were elected members of divisional election commissions in Svetlahorsk district: Tamara Ivanova (polling station number 2) and Kiryl Kashytski (polling station number 24). They are members of the party ‘Just World’.




On 15 March in Mazyr an application for registration of candidate was submitted by member of the BPF Uladzimir Tselyapun, who is running for the Homel Regional Council in Palesse constituency number 43 and for Mazyr District Council in Kalektyunaya constituency № 18 by collecting signatures. The other candidates who also submitted applications for registration include Uladzimir Repko (running for the Homel District Council in Pritytski constituency number 45), Andrei Kora (running for the Homel District Council in Prypiats constituency number 42), Siarhei Lapust (running for Mazyr District Council in Kataev constituency as representative of the United Civic Party).


Anatol Petukhou, who had intended to run for Homel Regional Council in Internatsyianalnaya constituency number 41, but was included in the divisional election commission number 21, has decided not to run, but remain a member of the divisional election commission. The polling station number 21 is included in the constituency, where the UCP candidate Repko is going to run.


Rahachou district


In Rahachou district 2 candidates representing the democratic opposition were nominated for the local councils. Both of them are members of the Leftist ‘Just World’ party. According to a representative of the party, the candidate for the Regional Council may encounter obstacles while applying for registration.


Hanna Hubarevich is going to run for the Homel Regional Council. She intends to run in Rahachou town constituency number 53. Mrs. Hubarevich was nominated by Homel regional office of the party “Just World’. This was reported by Ludmila Kabylianets, one of the Party’s Rahachou members.


According to Mrs. Kabylianets, the district authorities oppose the nomination of an alternative candidate for Rahachou Regional Council. According to the data provided by the politician, Uladzimir Nadtachayeu, deputy chairman of Homel regional executive committee, is going to run in the same constituency (although now he is member of one of the local councils in Rechytsa district). Therefore, Mrs. Kabylianets fears that the authorities will impede the registration of Hanna Hubarevich.


As reported previously, Mrs. Fekla Pauliukova filed an aaplication for registration as a candidate. She lives in the village of Hadzilavichy, Rahachou district and was nominated by collecting of signatures for Hadzilavichy Rural Council. The registration of candidates will be carried out from 16 to 25 March.


Zhlobin district


9 representatives of democratic parties were nominated candidates for deputies in Zhlobin district. All of them applied for registration as candidates for Zhlobin District Council, and three of them are going to run for the Homel Regional Council.


According to head of Zhlobin regional office of the Party ‘Just World’ Mr. Rybchanka, some of the candidates were nominated by collecting signatures, others - by their parties’ local offices. Applications for the nomination of all candidates were submitted to the relevant election commissions.


7 candidates are going to run for the District Council as representatives of the Party ‘Just World’: Aliaksandr Ausiannikau, Yuhen Basareuski, Viktar Navumenka, Aliaksandr Pilipenka, Anatol Stsepanenka, Valery Rybchanka and Valiantsina Shakura. In addition, Mr. Basareuski and Mr. Rybchanka intend to run for the Homel Regional Council - Streshynskaya constituency number 33 and Zhlobin rural constituency number 34, respectively.


Two persons nominated as candidates for deputies of the District Council represent the United Civic Party: Marat Afanasieu and Vadzim Bazhko. The former will be also running for the Regional Council in Metalurhichnaya constituency number 31.