All is quiet in Belarus, says Committee for Religions and Nationalities

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Inter-ethnic relations are taking a normal and conflict-free course, said Mikhail Rybakou, spokesman of the State Committee for Religions and Nationalities, at a press-conference in Minsk.

The press-conference was attended by Heorhi Ehizaran, head of the Advisory Panel of the Commissioner for Religions and Nationalities, as well as a number of representatives of national minorities.

Mr. Rybakou said representatives of the Polish minority would be invited to one of the next meetings. ‘Mrs. Borys’ group are just a few persons. I really don’t know with whom of them we can arrange for the meeting. When they create their own organization and obtain state registration, then we will speak with them,’ said the official.

Heorhi Ehirazan says the Advisory Panel sees no need for interfering in the conflict of the official UPB and the breakaway organization. ‘It should have been done back in 2005, when the cleavage took place. Today we do not know if it is worth doing,’ said Mr. Ehirazan.