Mahiliou: there are no reasons for non-inclusion of democratic representatives in precinct commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

83 precinct election commissions were established in the Leninski district of Mahiliou. 5 of them were established on the territory of special institutions. 78 were established at usual precincts and consist of 15 persons. The Kastrychnitski district has 69 precinct commissions, 5 of which are on the territory of special institutions. Of the remaining 64 commissions, 21 commissions have 13 members, 8 commissions – 14 members, 32 commissions – 15 persons, 1 commission – 16 persons and 1 commission – 17 persons.

Human rights defender Barys Bukhel states that according to Article 7 part 1 and Article 34 part 2 of the Election Code the precinct commissions located in the cities with district subdivisions must comprise 5-19 members. ‘In this case we see that the number of members at any of the precinct commissions of Mahiliou wasn’t maximal and there were no reasons for the non-inclusion of representatives of democratic forces in them,’ adds Mr. Bukhel.

’6 more persons could be included in precinct commission #113 to which I was nominated by the civil association Belarusian Popular Front Adradzhenne, and 4 persons – in commission #122 to which Yauheniya Tsiurkina, representative of the Mahiliou Human Rights Center, was nominated. However, we weren’t included. It was stated that I had no experience of work in election commissions and Yauheniya Tsiurkina was too old (70). Besides, in this case the authorties violated Article 34, part 2 of the Election Code, according to which representatives of political parties and civil associations must comprise at least 1/3rd of members of a precinct commission, whereas there were just 2 such members in commission #122 and 4 – in commission #113.’

The human rights defender has already lodged with the Kastrychnitski district procuracy of Mahiliou a complaint against the actions of officers of the Kastrychnitski district executive committee during the establishment of the precinct commissions. In his complaint the human rights defender requires an investigation into the facts of violation of the election legislation and punishment of the officials who are guilty of them.

Bear in mind that 39 persons were nominated to the precinct commissions of Mahiliou by the local democrats. In particular, the civil association Belarusian Popular Front Adradzhenne nominated 21 representatives, the United Civil Party – 7, the Civil Forum – 6, the Belarusian Party of Leftists Fair World – 3 and the Mahiliou Human Rights Center – 2; but none of them were included in the commissions.

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