76 representatives of opposition political parties were included in precinct election commissions

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In particular, the state authorities included in the precinct commissions 31 out of 160 nominated representatives of the Belarusian Party of Leftists Fair World, 23 out of 281 nominees of the United Civil Party, 17 out of 122 nominees of the Belarusian Popular Front Party, and 5 out of 9 nominees of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Hramada.

Pro-governmental parties nominated a larger number of representatives, and received more seats at the commissions. In particular, the authorities included in the precinct commissions 432 out of 434 nominees of the Belarusian Social Sportive Party, 427 out of 516 nominees of the Communist Party of Belarus, 342 out of 358 nominees of the Republican Party of Labor and Justice, 131 out of 132 nominees of the Belarusian Agrarian Party, all 95 nominees of the Liberal Democratic Party and 69 out of 73 nominees of the Republican Party.

The total number of representatives of political parties in the precinct commissions is 1,572 (2.3%).

Commenting on the non-inclusion of the majority of the opposition representatives in the precinct commissions, Mikalai Lazavik, Secretary of the Central commission on elections and republican referenda, stated that opposition parties 'nominated almost all their members without thinking whether these people will be able to work in the commissions'. 'The pursuit of quantity is not always supplied with quality,' he emphasized.

'However, the fact that members of political parties constitute 2.3% among members of the precinct commissions demonstrates a great progress compared to the previous elections to local Soviets of Deputies,' added Mr. Lazavik.