Belarusbank refuses to conclude a truce with Siarhei Skrabets

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 10 March the former political prisoner and deputy Syarhei Skrabets was again visited by officers of the Pershamaiski district court of Minsk who wanted to distrain the property.

Siarhei Skrabets, who had been convicted and served the sentence on charges of loan extortion from the state, is registered and lives with his parents. For two times officers of the court distrained property of his parents, and this time they came to look for new property,

To a logical question ’How many times can you visit us? We have no more things to distrain,’ the answer was: ‘We will visit you until you extinguish the debt. And as you won’t pay it off ever…’

Siarhei Skrabets has already addressed Nadzieya Yermakova, Chairperson of Belarusbank, with the proposal to conclude a truce. A denial followed, though such agreements have been signed with other persons involved in the criminal case, except for Siarhei Skrabets and his brother Aliaksandr.

Belarusbank has signed agreements with all other persons involved in the case except me and my brother. As far as I understand, after signing such an agreement I would be able to go abroad. And some citizens do no want that at all,’ Siarhei Skrabets summed up.