Less than 3% of members of precinct commissions are partisan

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As said by Mikalai Lazavik, secretary of the Central commission on elections and holding national referenda, 77,241 persons have been nominated to precinct election commissions and representatives of political parties constitute less than 3% of them.
31,015 persons (more than 40%) were nominated by collecting electors' signatures and passing the appropriate applications, 17,385 (22.5%) were nominated by working collectives and 28,841 (37.3%) were nominated by political parties and civil associations. In particular, political parties nominated 2,212 persons or 2.9% of the total number of pretenders to precinct election commissions. The greatest activity was demonstrated by the Communist Party of Belarus (516 nominees) 434 representatives were nominated by the Belarusian Social Sportive Party, 358 – by the Republican Party of Labor and Justice, 281 – by the United Civil Party, 160 – by the Belarusian Party of Leftists Fair World, 132 – by the Belarusian Agrarian Party, 122 – by the Belarusian Popular Front, 95 – by the Liberal Democratic Party, 73 – by the Republican Party, 24 – by the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Hramada, 9 – by the Belarusian Social Democratic Hramada and 8 – by the Conservative Christian Party Belarusian Popular Front. The parties were most active in nominating their representatives in large cities. For instance, in Minsk 49,3% nominees are representatives of political parties (12,5) or civil associations (36,8%).

Civil associations filed a total of 26,629 applications for nomination of their representatives to precinct commissions (34,5%). 3,340 persons were nominated by Belaya Rus, 4,101 – by the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRSM), 3,787 – by the Belarusian Union of Women, 2,247 – by the Belarusian Association of Veterans, 9,370 – by the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus and 3,684 – by other organizations.