Ivan Shyla was detained to prevent him from coming to the sitting on formation of precinct commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In Salihorsk, the police detained Ivan Shyla, head of the initiative group of Aliaksei Valabuyeu, right in the Salihorsk district executive committee. The young activist wanted to come to the sitting on formation of the precinct election commissions, to one of which he was nominated.

A total of four candidacies from Aliaksei Valabuyeu’s initiative group were nominated to the precinct commissions at the constituency where he intends to run. The nominees also filed written requests for being informed about the time and date of the sitting, but received no answers.

On 10 March Ivan Shyla tried to receive the necessary information at the executive committee. His inquiry was ignored by Anatol Kazakevich, Deputy Chairperson of the committee. In the reception of the committee Chairperson Mr. Shyla was informed that the sitting was beginning and was told the number of the room where it was taking place. However, Aliaksandr Rymasheuski, Chairperson of the committee, banned him to be present and said that the sitting had no relation to the elections.

At the entrance Ivan Shyla was met by four policemen. He managed to visit the reception once again, being escorted by them, and was told that the composition of the precinct commissions was really approved at the sitting. However, he didn’t manage to come there, as the policemen detained him for ‘identification’. At the police station, Mr. Shyla was explained that his detention was connected with hanging out a banner in Salihorsk. The policemen also tried to take explanations from him.

Ivan Shyla was let go when the sitting ended. The information about its result and the composition of the precinct commissions must be published within three-day term. Members of A.Valabuyeu’s headquarters consider this detention revealing and have no illusions about the composition of the commissions.

’The authorities aren’t used to hold the sittings openly. Moreover, in this case they would have to reject the candidacies of four pretenders at once. One tries to avoid publicity when doing something wrong. That’s why such means was used,’ says Ivan Shyla.

Bear in mind that the police are well aware of all actions of Aliaksei Valabuyeu’s electoral team. They confessed in a private talk that they received all the necessary information from the executive committee.

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