Mazyr: representatives of political parties aren’t included to precinct commissions at constituencies where candidates of these parties run

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 9 March the sitting of the Mazyr district executive committee on formation of precinct commissions took place. The sitting was attended by nine persons. Before the beginning of the sitting Veranika Baikova, Chairperson of the personnel work banned taking photos and recording anything on Dictaphone. She also warned the present representatives of the Belarusian Popular Front Party and the United Civil Party that discussion and asking questions during the sittings weren’t provided by the Election Code.

After this Baikova quickly read the general information about the number of representatives of civil organizations, political parties and working collectives in the precinct commissions. There’s was no discussion about the representation of political parties and civil associations in the precinct commissions. Being asked how the proposals of UCP and BPF on inclusion of members to the precinct commissions were taken into account, Veranika Baikova called only the surnames of two UCP members.

No members of oppositional parties were included in the precinct commissions that are situated in the constituencies where the initiative groups of the BPF member Uladizmir Tseliapun, the UCP member Siarhei Lapusta and the nonpartisan Franak Viachorka are registered. Tseliapun’s initiative groups are registered in the Paleskaya election constituency #43 on elections to the Homel oblast Soviet of Deputies and the Kalektyunaya electin constituency #18 to the Mazyr district Soviet of Deputies, the initiative group of Laputsta – in the Katayeuskaya election constituency on elections to the Mazyr district Soviet and the initiative group of Viachorka – in the Stantsyinaya election constituency #25 on elections t the Mazyr district Soviet.

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