’Kalinkavitskiya Naviny’ start election talk ahead of time

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the timing sheet of the elections to local Soviets of Deputies, the agitation for candidates to deputies must start on 16 March. Nevertheless, the state-owned newspaper Kalinkavitskiya Naviny decided to start promoting pro-governmental candidates before this term.

In one of its articles, published on 9 March, the newspaper tells the people about Dzmitry Vysotski, Charperson of the Homel oblast branch of Belahraprambank whom his working collective nominated a candidate to the Homel oblast Soviet Deputies at the Azarytskaya election constituency #37. By the way, Mr. Vysotski is a deputy of the Homel oblast Soviet of Deputies of the 25th Convocation. If he is elected to the Soviet once again, it will be his third term there. The newspaper presents a pompous outline of Vysotski’s life including his birth, army service and work in the Communist party during the Soviet times, and praises his achievements in banking. The author of the article is Ivan Haryst, another deputy of the Homel oblast Soviet of the 25th Convocation.

The same edition also includes the article Family Is a Source of Inspiration about director of the Kalinkavichy district center of remedial and development instruction Tatsiana Damanchuk, candidate to the Kalinkavichy district Soviet of Deputies of the 26th Convocation and a deputy of this Soviet of the 25th Convocation. The article includes her biographical data and praises her achievements. Though nothing is said there about her running for the Soviet, this information can be received from the information the newspaper published about the nomination of candidates by working collectives.

Inna Turouchyk, Chairperson of the local tax inspection, also intends to run for the district Soviet of Deputies, and the newspaper contains an interview with her. Sviatlana Kavalevich, Charperson of the financial department of the Kalinkavichy district executive committee and deputy of the district Soviet of the 25th Convocation who intends to run again, is also mentioned in the edition.

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