Homel: 'There won't be any leaflet boom'

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

As stated by the Homelskaya Prauda newspaper in There Won't Be Any Leaflet Boom article, the agitation leaflets will be put on billboards and advertising pillars at the stops of public transport. 'It is a civilized and very convenient method,' asserts the newspaper.

Human rights defender Leanid Sudalenka, member of the Uladzimirskaya election commission #11, doesn't share this opinion. 'It is a decision of the Homel city executive committee that wasn't discussed at constituency election commissions. According to the Constitution, people have the right to disseminate any information without any obstacles,' said Mr. Sudalenka. He believes that this decision will considerably complicate the agitation for the candidates who independently determine the convenient places for putting their agitation materials.

According to this decision, there are 8 billboards, 2 plats and 1 advertising pillar for agitation materials in Savetskaya Street (the central street of Homel). In Lenin Square there is 1 billboard.

The Homel district executive committee took a similar decision. According to it, all three billboards for agitation in the district where about 170,000 people live will be situated in the settlement of Kastsiukouka. One of the places for electoral meetings is also situated in this settlement. In addition, agitation materials can be put at 21 information stands on the stops of public transport (9 of which are located in the Selmash suburb) and 10 stands and plats of the Homel agency on state registration and land inventory.

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