Mahiliou: pretender to candidate Mikalai Rasiuk dismissed from work

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 6 March in Mahiliou, pretender to candidate Mikalai Rasiuk was dismissed from work due to the expiry of the labor contract. During the last seven years he worked as an electrician at the open stock company Lausanbud, at construction administration #129. He was informed about the dismissal in a months' advance. Bear in mind that Mikalai Rasiuk had run for the local Soviets of Deputies in 2007. According to the official information, he won about 20% of votes, which was one of the highest official results among the oppositional candidates in Belarus.

’I have always struggled for the workers’ rights at my work’, says Mikalai, ‘because the building is a sphere where all labor rights are violated, including the payment of wages and the safety engineering. Neither laws, nor technological normative documents work here. The workers work as slaves, for 10-12 hours a day instead of the commonly accepted 8 hours and the administration shuts eyes to their heavy drinking for it.’

Mr. Rasiuk is going to appeal against his dismissal at court. 'Three-year contracts were concluded with all other workers, whereas my contract was just for one year. I consider it is a manifestation of adverse discrimination. I am an industrious person and received a number of awards from the administration of the district and the oblast for my work, and then they treat me like this' commented Mr. Rasiuk.

Despite the danger of being unemployed, the activist continues his participation in the lection campaign and his initiative group actively continues collecting signatures for nominating him a candidate to the Mahiliou city Soviet of Deputies.

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