Homel oblast: 2,298 pretenders passed documents for registration

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As of 5 March, 2 298 persons passed documents for registration of their candidacies with the election commissions in the Homel oblast.

As said by Aliaksandr Vusau, Deputyh Chairperson of the personnel department of the Homel oblast executive committee, 1,807 persons applied for registration as candidates to village Soviets of Deputies, 105 – as candidates to settlement Soviets, 13 – as candidates to the town Soviets in the towns of district subordination, 20 – to the Homes city Soviet, 330 – to the district Soviets and 23 – to the Homel oblast Soviet. 18 persons were nominated in two ways: by colleting signatures and by decisions of working collectives or by collecting signatures and by decisions of their parties. 61% persons were nominated as candidates by collecting of signatures, 37% - by working collectives. Political parties have nominated 13 persons. 11 of them were nominated by the Communist Party of Belarus and 2 – by the United Civil Party.

42 of the nominated candidates are unemployed. A total of 3,952 deputies need to be elected to all local Soviets in the Homel oblast, 60 of them – to the Homel oblast Soviet.

The registration of candidates will last till 15 March.