Salihorsk: district commissions upheld ban on collecting signatures in student dormitory

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Members of the initiative group of Aliaksei Valabuyeu, pretender to candidate, received a copy of the decision of the Salihorsk district election commission in favor of the prohibition to collect electors’ signatures at a student dormitory.

The district election commission explains its decision by referring to the ruling of the Central Election Commission obliging the collectors of signatures to comply with the internal regulations of the institutions, whereas the regulations of the Salihorsk Chemical Mining Technical School state the inadmissibility of presence in the dormitories of any persons except for the dwellers and their parents.

The electoral headquarters of Mr. Valabuyeu decided to appeal against the decision of the Salihorsk district commission at the Central Election Commission. ‘We appeal against this decision not because we have the need for additional signatures, but because we consider such ban as a violation of the rights of the electors who live in the dormitory. It is an artificially created problem which could be avoided,’ commented Aliaksei Valabuyeu.

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