Masty executive committee grossly violated election legislation

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Article 34.35 of the Election Code, precinct election commissions must be formed not later than 45 days to the elections and the statements and minutes on nomination of representatives to precinct commissions must be submitted not later than three days before the formation of the commissions. According to the timing schedule of the elections adopted by the Central Election Commission, the documents on forming commissions must be filed by 7 March inclusive and the sittings on forming of the precinct commissions must take place not later than 10 March.

However, the Masty town executive committee, responsible for formation of the commissions, hanged out an announcement that documents on nomination of persons to precinct commissions would be accepted by 5 March. We can only guess whether the officials forgot to look in the timing schedule or are just incompetent.

The reaction of the Central Election Commission was prompt. Hleb Khmialiou, worker of the legal organization department of the Central Election Commission,, phoned to Ales Zarembiuk and stated that the problem had been solved and the pretenders could realize their legal rights.

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