Vitsebsk oblast: signatures are passed to election commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The territorial and constituency election commissions have received 1 646 packets of documents for registration of candidates to the local Soviets of Deputies. A total of 3 530 deputies will be elected to the local Soviets of different levels in Vitsebsk oblast.

The working collectives, parties and citizens have already nominated 1 603 pretenders to candidates. Almost half of them, 758 (47,3%) are women.

828 persons were nominated by collection of signatures, 808 - by working collectives and 10 – by parties.

470 candidates work in the sphere of education, science, culture and health care, 440 – in the agricultural sector. The deputies of the 25th Convocation don’t want to leave their seats and are actively nominated as candidates of working collectives.

In particular, deputy of the 25th Convocation Aliaksandr Mamayeu, Deputy Chairperson of the communal services was unanimously nominated by an assembly of workers of secondary school #22 and kindergarten #56 in Vitsebsk. Another deputy of the 25th Convocation, Valer Bashmetau, Rector of the Vitsebsk Technological University, was unanimously nominated by the working collective of the Vitsebsk policlinic #1.