Workers of Belarusian Metallurgic Plant refuse to work

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A conflict blazed up at Belarusian metallurgic plant (BMZ) because workers were deprived of bonuses.

The conflict took place at BMZ (Zhlobin) back on 2 March. However, reports about it were received only today. The administration of the plant hasn’t paid monthly bonuses for all, so workers who came to working places didn’t work.

Belarusian partisan was told about that by Valer Rybchanka, leader of Zhlobin organization of the Belarusian United Leftist Party Fair World.

Valer Rybchanka noted that the administration of the BMZ had not only cut monthly bonuses to workers by 50%, but this time even reduced bonuses were not paid to all. The bonuses were not received even by shop masters. That is why some workers refused to work and started silent boycott.

Bear in mind that many Belarusian enterprises are on the verge of stoppage: plans and factories move to a short time week, wages are cut down dramatically, bonuses and allowances are reduced, mass dismissals of workers are started.