Dismissals at glass works ‘Nioman’

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

At the glass works Nioman in Biarozauka (Lida district) more than 30 workers have received notices that employment contracts with them won’t be extended in a months.

One of the local activists, Siarhei Trafimchyk, told that contracts at Nioman were usually prolonged for 5 years. And last year, as said by him, many employers of the factory worked on short time, RFE/RL informs.

Siarhei Trafimchyk points at the fact that highly experienced workers with working experience of 5 and more years are selected for redundancy. He also added that contracts with politically active people are not prolonged as well.

‘Some people who are taking part in collection of signatures, have also received notices that contracts with them wouldn’t be extended. And they are workers with 5 and 6 class,’ Trafimchyk said.

An activist collecting signatures for nomination of a democratic candidate, has also received a notice that after 22 February the contract with him will be terminated.

The man believes that the reason for that is exclusively his civil position at the enterprise, as many times he collected signatures of workers protesting against the administration for incomplete payment of wages and other violations.

‘Many times a shift master came to me hinting that I should stop meddling. Even administration representatives told me that I am engaged in the activities which are not welcomed, the worker recalls.

Another worker (name withheld) stated: no doubt he was dismissed for being an activist of the Belarusian Popular Front party. He has no idea where to find a job in Biarozauka, so he has filed a complaint with the director of the enterprise.