Babruisk: election-related pressurization of Christian democrats increases

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The most intensive pressurization is exercised on the people who have recently become members of the Belarusian Christian Democracy or members of the initiative groups of BCD members.

Babruisk resident Iryna Uvarava who is going to run at the elections, is intimidated by visits of a court marshal. Her husband co-owned a firm, but died six months ago. The woman decided not to take part in his business, that’s why now the firm is owned by the husband’s partners. However, the check-ups started coming not to them, but to her. Iryna considers it as an attempt of pressurization.

Potential candidate Viachaslau Sheleh encountered problems as well. A female member of his initiative group was threatened by her boss. He told her that she could either continue working or being a member of the initiative group.

A criminal case was instigated against Volha Siianava, member of the initiative group of her mother, Aliaksandra Siianava. Before this, she was followed by a car with Minsk number plates for about a month.

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