Spoiled holiday

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The students who had taken part in the festival of the Belarusian language were made to write explanatory notes concerning the event. It was the first year when the festival was organized officially.

The festival of the Belarusian language was announced as a large-scale event that would be held officially for the first time. Representatives of different professions were to receive awards for popularization and assistance in the development of the Belarusian language. Pavel Latushka, Culture Minister, was invited as a special guest. However, the administration of the Palace of Culture of the Minsk Car Factory suddenly cancelled the rent agreement with the event organizers.

’We were just told that we couldn’t hold the concert. It means that we have to return the money for the tickets,’ says Kiryl Shyk, one of the concert organizers.

As a result, the event was transferred to an auditorium of the University of Culture and was held in a closed format. That’s why one of the organizers, Budzma campaign refused from taking part in the action.

’A large-scale event would be beneficial for everybody: the University of Culture, the Ministry of culture and wide public, because the International Language Day is celebrated in many countries of the world. This would raise the prestige of our state agencies and educational establishments. That’s why, to our mind, the format of the action was incorrect. Most probably, it results from the precaution of the university administration connected to the participation of a non-state campaign,’ commented Nina Shydlouskaya, Budzma coordinator.

Minister Latushka attended the event together with the administration of the university. However, these guests didn’t take the floor. On the contrary, after the event some of its organizers were summoned to the university administration.

’They required explanations why we helped in organization of the festival and who drew Budzma to it. We answered that we have dealt with the festival of the Belarusian language or the sixth year already and drew the campaign to it because we shared its aims and ideas,’ said Pavel Karaliou, an organizer of the festival.

The organizers regret that the festive action was spoilt but believe that sooner or later they will celebrate the Mother Language day officially and on a large scale.