Vitsebsk: BCD members face obstacles while collecting signatures

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Uladzimir Ramanovich, who runs to the Vitsebsk city Soviet of Deputies and collects signatures on his own, was not let in dormitory #3 of Vitsebsk Technological University. The dormitory supervisor didn’t manage to explain Mr. Ramanovich what legal grounds she had for banning him from entering the dormitory. Following this incident, Uladzimir Ramanovich lodged a complaint with the Central Election Commission.

Anastasiya Sotnikava, a BCD founder, received from the Vitsebsk oblast procuracy and answer to her complaint against the violation of her rights and interests by members of the Vitsebsk city election commission.

The letter is signed by a Deputy Prosecutor of the Vitsebsk oblast and informs that her complaint was forwarded to the Vitsebsk city election commission for consideration and taking the adequate measures of reaction. The administration of the Vitsebsk CEC needs to find out who of the commission members tried to influence Anastasiya’s decision to run for the Vitsebsk city Soviet. At the same time, the answer runs that there are no sufficient grounds for instigating a criminal case against them.

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