Zmitser Kaspiarovich is summoned to tax inspection

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Zmitser Kaspiarovich

Zmitser Kaspiarovich

On 2 March, opposition activist Zmitser Kaspiarovich was questioned by the Zavadski district tax inspection in Minsk n connection with ‘repeated crossing of Belarusian-Lithuanian border in 2008’.

An officer of the tax inspection explained that the questioning of Mr. Kaspiarovich was necessary in connection with a check-up concerning ‘certain persons’ with who he crossed the border on his car. She enumerated a number of democratic activists and asked whether Zmitser provided them with any commercial services and received money for it.

Zmitser Kaspiarovich refused from a detailed discussion on the matter and explained that he often went to Lithuania on private affairs and couldn’t explain the reasons for each trip. Then he signed the protocol of the questioning.