Babruisk KGB instigated criminal case against BCD activist

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KGB officers fulfilled their threat to instigate a criminal case against Volha Siiyanava, a Babruisk activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy. Volha Siiyanava is also a member of the initiative group of her mother who is running for the local Soviet of Deputies as a BCD member.

In January Volha was summoned to the KGB department to be inclined to collaboration. When she refused, the KGB officers threatened her with instigating a criminal case. She learned about the criminal case only after the Belarusian border guards didn’t let her cross the border during a trip to Kyiv (Ukraine) last weekend.

’At present, I don’t know any details. At the police I was just told that a criminal case under Article 209 of the Criminal Code, ‘fraud’ was instigated against me after receiving an application from a KGB officer. The circumstances and detailed of the case will be cleared by my lawyer,’ said Volha Siianava to the BCD press service.