Pretenders to candidates pass signatures to election commissions

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The Mahiliou activists of the organizing committee of the Party of Freedom and Progress have already finished colleting signatures for their candidates and passed them to the election commissions. As stated by Yury Stukalau, a leader of the organizing committee of the PFP, a total of eight persons were nominated as candidates to the local Soviets of Deputies – five to the Mahiliou city Soviet and three – to the Mahiliou oblast Soviet.

’There were no incidents during collection of signatures’, said Yury Stukalau. However, one of our activists faced pressurization during the registration of the initiative groups and therefore had to change the constituency where he would run, because the Chairperson of the Kastrychnitski district executive committee Lebiadzeu intended to run at the constituency that was initially chosen by the activist.’


Pensioner Fiokla Pauliukova, 70, passed signatures

Though the nomination of candidates will last till 15 April, Paulikova’s initiative group decided to do everything as quickly as possible. Fiokla is a member of the Belarusian Party of Leftists Fair World. The woman intends to run for the Hadzilavichy village Soviet of Deputies. Despite her age, the woman is really an active resident of the village.

’25 signatures in support of Fiokla Paulikova’s candidacy were passed to the election commission together with other necessary documents. Now we are waiting for the decision of the commission concerning her registration as a candidate. This is the only candidacy from our party that was nominated by collection of electors’ signatures,’ commented Liudmila Kabylianets, coordinator of the Fair World election campaign in the Rahachou district.

Bear in mind that one needs to collect 20 signatures of the local electors in order to be nominated a candidate to a village Soviet. After receiving the signatures the commission conducts a check-up of the process of nomination of a candidate to the requirements of the Election Code. According to the law, the commission must hold such check-up within two-day term after receiving the signatures.

According to the timing schedule of the local elections adopted by the Central commission on elections and holding republican referenda, the registration will be conducted on 16-26 March.

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