Chairperson of Central Election Commission ‘explains’ why collectors of signatures aren’t let in student dormitories

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Democratic candidates and members of their initiative groups are banned from entering student dormitories. In particular, on 28 February it happened to members of the initiative group of Uladzimir Ramanovich.

’Uladzimir Ramanovich, a candidate of Christian democrats in Vitsebsk, was not let in a student dormintory located in his constituency. He phoned to the Central Election Commission and had a talk with Lidziya Yarmoshyna who was keeping duty at the CEC reception at the time. Asked why he was banned from entering the dormitory, Yarmoshyna answered that Ramanovich would have been let in if he had paid a visit to a concrete person, but otherwise the administration had the right to ban him from entering the dormitory,’ said Pavel Seviarynets, co-Chairman of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party.

Members of Uladzimir Ramanovich’s initiative group have filed a complaint with the city territorial election commissions and also intend to apply to the prosecutor’s office if they don’t receive an answer from the commission.