Chairperson of Babruisk town election commission is ‘not ready to answer questions’

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 21 December 2009 a session of the Babruisk Soviet of Deputies determined the new boundaries for election constituencies. The change was explained with construction of new suburbs, which resulted in migration of the electorate.

As a result, Neli Pabortsava, a Babruisk resident intending to run at the elections at the election constituency #12, could not clear out what precincts belonged to her constituency and had to address Uladizmir Viatkin, Chairperson of the Babruisk town election commission.

’He said that some changes have taken place, that’s why he wasn’t ready for answering. He advised me to take newspapers and discriminate in everything on my own. However, I managed to find only one precinct and am still looking for the remaining two,’ commented Neli Pabortsava.

During the talk with Uladzimir Viatkin the woman asked when she could phone him for receiving a satisfactory answer, to which he said that even in several days he would hardly be able to solve this problem.

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