Tatsiana Shaputska lodged claim against Belarusian State University

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The Young Front activist appeals against her unlawful expulsion from the university. According to the information given by Tatsiana in an interview to the ERB, she lodged the claim on 28 February with the Maskouski district court in Minsk.

The activist would like to see Hary Pahaniaila, member of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, as her lawyer. However, since 1997 Mr. Pahaniaila doesn’t have the advocatory license, that’s why he can be invited to the trial only as a public representative. Besides, Ms. Shaputska invites officers of the administration of the BSU juridical faculty as her witnesses.

’During the week writs will be sent to me and the witnesses… I additionally invite Dean and Deputy Dean of the juridical faculty as witnesses from my side and hope that they will confirm by documents that they asked the BSU Rector to issue an admonition to me instead of the expulsion.

Bear in mind, Tatsiana Shaputska despite showing a good academic progress Tatsiana Shaputska was expelled from BSU following her participation in the Civil Forum of the Eastern Partnership. The administration of the juridical faculty asked to punish the girl with an admonition, but the rector’s office decided for expulsion.

On 14 February, during the traditional street action held by the Young Front to mark St. Valentine’s Day, Tatsiana was purposefully knocked down by a policeman and received a closed cranial trauma. In the interview the girl also stated that she still had to take medicines, but was feeling better and practically didn't have any headache.