Main ideologist of Hrodna gave order to arrest oppositionists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Young Front deputy head Ales Kirkevich and activist Veranika Velihor were detained in Hrodna on Monday morning.

The oppositionists were detained for handing round the local newspaper “Christian Defense”.

As the press service of the Young Front reports , the youth activists were guarded to a militia station, where 23 copies of the newspaper were seized from them (for a check-up) and a reports was drawn. An hour later the activists were set free.

The oppositionists say they have never faced problems with distributing the newspaper before.

“We haven’t had problems before. As I noticed this time, the deputy head of the region executive committee on ideology was passing by. He got a newspaper. Some minutes later we were detained,” Ales Kirkevich said.

Besides, the Young Front activists noted that there was a cartoon depicting Uladzimir Sauchanka, the former head of the Hrodna region, who resigned “by personal wish”.