’Young Front’ activist is threatened with criminal case for evasion from military service

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Piatro Ruzau, activist of the Baranavichy branch of the Young Front who studies on Kastus Kalinouski educational program in Poland, is threatened with instigation of a criminal case for evasion from military service.

However, this time the activist is accused not only in evasion from military service, but also in forging documents (the military enlistment office states that the certificate issued by Poznan University is forged). The investigator demanded the immediate return of Mr. Ruzau to Belarus for giving testimonies and threatened that he could be deported from Poland according to the appropriate agreements between the countries.

At the same time, there are attempts to instigate a criminal case against Siamion Bylinski, another Young Front activist studying on Kalinouski program. In spring 2009 the court found Siamion guilty of evasion from military service and fined him 1 750 000 rubles. The activist hasn’t paid the fine, that’s why a criminal case can be instigated against him.

Artsiom Lastavetski, another of the Young Front from Baranavichy, has already got used to being summoned to the military enlistment office for various wire-drawn reasons, such as ‘drafting alarm’.

Young Front activists consider it all as revenge of the local authorities headed by the Baranavichy major V.Dzichkouski, for the summer anti-corruption campaign held by the youth organization.