Absurd trial of Tereza Sobal, Chairperson of Ivianets organization of Union of Poles

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A preliminary sitting on the lawsuit of the pro-regime Union of Poles of Belarus headed by Stanislau Siamasha against Teresa Sobal, Chairperson of the Ivianets branch of the Union of Poles that is not recognized by the Belarusian authorities. Teresa also headed the Polish House in Ivianets before it was sealed by court marshals. The defendant entered motions for summoning witnesses and composing an additional inventory of property in the Polish House.

Many Teresa’s adherents and journalists gathered near the court. Many people were detained by police and therefore didn’t manage to get there.

The side of the plaintiff was represented by members of the official Union of Poles: Mechyslau Lysy from Minsk and Stanislau Buracheuski from Ivianets. They accused Teresa of disobeying their demand to pass the Polish House to them.

’But they didn’t come to me, who could I pass it to? I am very grateful to the Polish Embassy for lodging a counter-claim, on getting back the equipment it had lent to the Polish House,’ commented Teresa Sobal. Bear in mind that the Polish Embassy lent to the Polish House furniture, sound-amplifying equipment, microphones and books.

Teresa’s attorney Aliaksandr Haliyeu points that the Polish House belongs to the Union of Poles in Belarus. ‘We consider that Teresa Sobal is really the Chairperson of the Ivianets branch of the Union of Poles and was elected legally, unlike Stanislau Buracheuski,’ said the lawyer.

’In the lawsuit signed by Siamashka the court is required to oblige Mrs. Sobal to leave the Polish House she unlawfully occupied, and pay the state fee – 105 000 rubles (about $36).

’She doesn’t live here. Our plaintiffs, Lysy and Buracheuski, cannot formulate how they were prevented from entering the house and who did it. We haven’t received an answer to these questions,’ added Mr. Haliyeu.