Barysau: electors are kept in the dark

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In Barysau district, electors still haven’t been informed about the decision of the Barysau district executive committee (DEC) on determining the places prohibited for collecting signatures in support of candidates to the local Soviets of Deputies. On 12 February the officials managed to show Mikhail Vasiliieu, leader of the Barysau organization of the United Civil Paty, only a copy of the appropriate document without the signature of Uladzimir Miranovich, Chairpers of the Barysau DEC.

According to Vasiliieu’s information, picketing is prohibited within 50-meter zone of administrative buildings, at bus stops and railway stations, near schools, kindergartens, hospitals and other ‘vitally important objects’.

The decision of the district executive committee wasn’t published in the Friday edition of the state-owned newspaper Adzinstva. The following edition is due on 17 February.

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