Homel: democratic activists are not elected chairs of election commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Lawyer Leanid Sudalenka, activist of the United Civil Party, said in an interview to RFE/RL that only ideologists were elected commission Chairpersons.

‘At the first organizing sitting of the commission of Uladzimirskaya constituency #11, Mikalai Maly, Deputy Chair of the Savetski district administration, proposed Aliaksandr Tarun, Chair of the ideology department, to the position of the commission head. Other members of the commission didn’t have any proposals. I proposed myself as the chairman to follow democratic procedures. Everyone expect for me voted for Tarun. I wasn’t elected Deputy Chairman or commission secretary though I said I was ready to perform these duties. I think, this was planned in advance,’ Leanid Sudalenka said.

Vasil Paliakou, Chairperson of the oblast organization of the United Civil party, also proposed his candidature to commission of the Bykhauskaya constituency #12. He wasn’t elected chairman or Deputy Chairman of the election commission either.

Uladzimir Siakerka, regional leader of Left Party Fair World, was included in the commission of the Chapaeuskaya constituency #6. He didn’t propose his candidature as head of the election commission, but voted against Natallia Prudnikava, Chairperson of the ideology department. Siakerka told the commission members Natallia Prudnikava had given false evidence against opposition activist Vasil Paliakou. She said he had used obscene language when crossing the street, as a result of which Paliakou was sentenced to arrest.

However, information of the representative of the left party didn’t influence the vote result. Eleven out of twelve members of the commission voted for Prudnikava, one voted against.