Hrodna: parties appeal against non-inclusion of their representatives in constituency election commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Hrodna oblast organization of the United Civil Party appeals at the Hrodna oblast court against the violation of its right to be represented at constituency commissions. The party members require a review of the decision on forming the constituency commissions on elections to the Hrodna oblast Soviet of Deputies.

Four UCP representatives weren’t included in different constituency commissions: Iryna Kakareka wasn’t included in the commission in the Vishniavetskaya election constituency #12, Aliaksandra Baradaukina – in the Harbatauskaya election constituency #19, Ivan Kruk – in the Zhupranskaya election constituency #49 and Mikalai Ulasevich – in the Astravetskaya election constituency #47.

The Hrodna oblast organization of the Belarusian Social Democratic Hramada lodged wit the oblast court two complaints against the non-inclusion in the commissions of its representatives Viktar Parfionenka and Uladzimir Khilmanovich.

The BSDH nominated 10 representatives to the constituency commissions. One more BSDH member was nominated through collection of signatures. However, only three members of the party were included in the commissions.

The Hrodna BSDH organization considers that its nominees are experienced people with higher education and there were no reasons for their non-inclusion in the constituency commissions. That’s why the BSDH asks the court to review the results of forming of the constituency commissions, though they have little hope for a positive outcome.

Earlier the Hrodna oblast BSDH organization appealed against the non-inclusion in the Hrodna oblast election commission of its member Viktar Sazonau. The court took the side of the authorities and confirmed the legality of the primary decision of the Hrodna oblast exective committee and the Presidium of the Hrodna oblast Soviet of Deputies on forming the commission.

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