Does Minsk have few election constituencies?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

57 election constituencies were formed in Minsk for holding the elections to the local Soviets of Deputies of the 26th Convocation. Two new constituencies were added to the 55 remaining from the previous elections. These constituencies were formed in the new suburbs Loshytsa and Brylevichy.

The number of the election constituencies is formally in line with Article 15 of the Election Code, requiring 40 to 60 election constituencies on the territory of the Belarusian capital. However, Siarhei Alfer, specialist in election legislation, believes this number is too small.

’In the world, 100 and more election constituencies are established for such number of citizens as in Minsk. In this case the position of the authorities on forming the minimal quotas for electing deputies to the local Soviets and the Chamber of Representatives is quite understandable. The fewer deputies, the easier is to rule them and the easier it is to distribute the seats among loyal people,’ points Mr. Alfer

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