'young Front' activist Yuliya Mikhailava expelled from college

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The girl was not given any official papers. She was just told she was expelled from the Textile College and was asked to collect her documents, the website mfront.net informs.

Liudmila Rayeuskaya, the college headmistress says the girl was rude to her when asking for an official permission to miss classes the day her brother Ivan Mikhailau stood trial.

On 10 February, the headmistress, curator, and foreman had a sitting. However, they didn’t discuss the absence from classes and didn’t vote. Instead, the headmistress delivered a speech. It was her decision to expel the Young Front activist,

Bear in mind that on 1 February, the Minsk district court sentenced Ivan Mikhailau, member of the Messianic Jewish community New Testament, to three months in jail, after he was found guilty of committing a criminal offence (draft evasion). The young man refused to perform compulsory military service as it contradicts his religious beliefs. He demanded to be assigned to civilian alternative service, in line with Article 57 of the Constitution.

Ivan Mikhailau was recognized prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International.