Mazyr: state press still hasn’t published full information on election commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In Mazyr, electors still cannot familiarize with the names, numbers, boundaries and location of the  Mazyr district commission on elections to the Mazyr district Soviet of deputies and the number of electors there.

According to the time schedule, this information was to have been published by 4 February 2010. However, Zhyttsio Palessia, the local newspaper co-founded by the Mazyr district executive committee and the Mazyr district Soviet of deputies), has published only information about the composition of the Mazyr district election commission and the village election commissions.

It seems even stranger, if we take into account that there are many state officials among its members: Larysa Chornaya, chief editor of Zhyttsio Palessia, Piatro Zykun, Chairperson of the Mazyr town police department, etc. Mikhal Ptashynski, business manager of the Mazyr district executive committee, has been appointed Chairperson of the commission for several election campaigns already. Both the commission secretary, Veranika Baikova (Ulasevich), Chairperson of the personnel department of the executive committee; and the Deputy Chairperson – Yuliya Prykhodzka, director of the Mazyr State Medical College, have been members of the commission during previous electoral campaigns.

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