How Belarusian riot militia impedes and threaten journalists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Riot militiamen were threatening bodily harm to journalists during dispersing an opposition demonstration on February 8.

This can be seen and heard on the footage by Radio Svaboda journalist Aleh Hruzdzilovich. Riot militiamen didn’t react to a journalist’s request to stop hindering him to perform professional duties, but continued pushing him and close camera with their hands. When the journalist demanded the people in mufti to introduce themselves and show their IDs, one of them began to threaten: “I will use physical force...”

Journalists< among them ones of, were not permitted to film the lawless actions that were taking place. Like at previous opposition rallies, several persons in mufti were sent to each of the journalists. They shielded lenses of photo and video cameras, hit them on hands and equipment and prevented them from performing their professional duty.

Militiamen in uniform who were on the square didn’t react to requests of journalists who tried to attract attention to attacks of the unknown.

We remind that 20 opposition activists were arrested at the action of solidarity with political prisoners on February 8.