Court didn’t grant complaint of Homel city UCP organization against non-inclusion of its member in election commission

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 2 February Siarhei Shytsikau, Judge of the Tsentralny District Court in Homel, didn’t grant the complaint lodged by the Homel city organization of the United Civil Party against the decision of the Homel city executive committee and the Presidium of the Homel city Soviet of deputies by which the UCP member Yury Varonezhtsau hadn’t been included in the commission. The court ruled that the decision had been taken in line with the legislation, without any violations.

As stated by Andrei Tolchyn, Chairperson of the Homel city UCP organization, the representative of the executive committee Ramaniuk argued that it was the first time when voting and taking of decisions was so ‘democratic’. ‘She used such expressions as ‘we even voted’, from which one could conclude that earlier such decisions were taken without voting. She also pointed that ‘we voted for those who had been appointed’, but when I asked how this appointment had taken place, she answered that she hadn’t said such things. So, I shouldn’t believe my ears,’ commented Mr. Tolchyn.

Bear in mind that the Homel city UCP organization had nominated its member Yury Varonezhtsau, former deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, PhD, to the commission, but hadn’t been included in it, as well as another UCP member, Sviatlana Haldade, former Chairperson of the Homel city Soviet of deputies and the Homel city executive committee. The trial on non-inclusion in the committee of Sviatlana Haldade is scheduled for 4 February in the Homel oblast court.

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