Parole granted to Ales Charnyshou, figurant of ‘Process of 14’

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Ales Charnyshou, a figurant of the ‘Process of 14’, instigated against participants of a peaceful rally of entrepreneurs in January 2008, was amnestied.

Bear in mind that in April 2008 Ales Bondar, Ales Charnyshou, Artsiom Dubski, Mikhail Kryvau, Mikhail Pashkevich, Ales Straltsou and Tatsiana Tsishkevich were sentenced to two years of personal restraint without direction to open penitentiary institution. Andrei Kim was sentenced to 1,5 years in minimum security prison. Anton Koipish and Uladzimir Siarheyeu were fined 3,5 million rubles. Tatsiana Tsishkevich has gone to Poland right after the verdict was announced. Artsiom Dubski is serving a prison term for ostensible violation of the regime of the penalty.