Vitsebsk: searh in apartment of journalist Siarhei Serabro

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Police conduct a search in apartment rented by Siarhei Serabro, editor of the web-page Narodnyia Naviny Vitsebska (Popular news of Vitsebsk).

In the afternoon the owner of the apartment phoned to Siarhei’s wife and said that she was taken away from her work to witness the search at the apartment. Neither Siarhei nor his wife was present at the search.

Today in the morning Siarhei Serabro received a telephone call from investigator Aksana Muravitskaya who invited him for a talk concerning photographing the white-red-white flag that was hanged out on the New Year Tree by Siarhei Kavalenka. The journalist said he wouldn’t come to her without an official writ.

According to preliminary information, a camera and two computers with photo archives were seized from Serabro’s apartment.