Ministry of Justice doesn’t register ‘Young Belarus’

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The Ministry of Justice refused to register the Young Belarus movement. It was stated by one of the leaders of the movement Zmitser Kaspiarovich.

According to him, the documents for registration of the movement were filed with the Ministry of Justice on 7 December 2009. ‘Despite the fact that the legal one-month term for answering has passed, there was no reaction from the Ministry of Justice. That’s why today I came to the Ministry of Justice and was informed that the registration denial was sent by mail yesterday, on 11 January. I wasn’t informed about the details – they just said that I would learn everything from the letter,’ said Mr. Kaspiarovich.

He also said that after receiving the letter the head of the organizing committee of the movement would decide the question of appealing against the non-registration at court, as well as holding a repeated constituent assembly of the organization.

Kaspiarovich stated that Young Belarus would probably be registered in Lithuania as an international organization. ‘We have already completed all formalities and filed documents for registration of the movement in Lithuania. The organization can be registered there next week,’ he added.

On 8 November the constituent assembly of the Young Belarus took place at one of Minsk hotels, with participation of 53 delegates from Minsk and Minsk, Hrodna, Mahiliou and Vitsebsk oblasts. The candidacies of Zmitser Kaspiarovich and Artur Finkevich were nominated for the position of the head of the movement. Kaspiarovich won by 40 votes vs. 10. The heads of regional offices of the movement were elected as well. Activists of the new movement unanimously voted for participation in the local elections and preparation to the presidential election campaign.

At the same time, one of the organization leaders Artur Kaspiarovich, stated that neither he nor the movement coordinators took part in the constituent assembly, and Tsimafei Dranchuk and Zmitser Kaspiarovich had been excluded from the organizing committee back on 11 April. ‘Thus, these people have no relations to the Young Belarus’, Finkevich commented.